Thursday, August 25, 2011

8-Bit Banter: Console Wars

This weeks 8-Bit Banter is mainly on the topic of the console wars, the relevance of renting, what console they side with, and sort of on the subtopic of if Nintendo is still relevant (among other topic diversions). Also, i would like to make a note that neither of our hosts ACTUALLY condone the beating of animals, so f*** off peta. 8-Bit banter, START IT! Download

Music Is credited to Nintendo and the cover by Nylithia.

8 bit banter: Pokemon, Protagonists, and Land Locked Countries

The first episode of the Podcast series "8-Bit Banter". You'll be introduced to our two hosts, James Brock and Freddie Malcomb. This episode you can look forward to some backstory on their gaming experiences, Pokemon, favourite protagonists, and a brief look at the industry. Don't expect them to stay on topic, but expect to enjoy every second of it anyways. This is 8-Bit banter, START IT! Download

Rights to the music belong to Nintendo and the cover by Nylithia.